DUNGS Pressure Switch


Difference pressure monitor LGW A2, LGW A2P is used for combustion equipment, can adjust the differential pressure monitoring device. To use the set pressure value and change the pressure rating of the actual value, a differential pressure monitor can be used for the flow loop opening, closing and transformation. Rating with scale adjustment wheel adjustment. LGW A2P bottom is equipped with a test button. Pressure monitor in combustion, ventilation and air conditioning technology used for pressure monitoring. Suitable for air, smoke, waste gas and other non-corrosive gas.

Dungs Pressure Switch

GW3A5 GW10A5 GW50A5 GW150A5 GW500A5

GW10A6 GW50A6 GW150A6 GW500A6

LGW10A4 LGW50A4 GW150A4

LGW10A4  2 LGW50A4  2 LGW150A4  2 LGW500A4

Technical parameters and principles

Pressure switches are used to monitor the gas or air pressure. When the pressure falls below or exceeds the set-point switch, the circuit opens or conversion occurs. To set the desired switch point, remove the cover on the pressure switch and turn it clockwise to increase the value, or counterclockwise to decrease. In order to control the use of air and gas in the gas valve and gas equipment (gas burners).

LGW A4 and LGWA4P burner apparatus are used for adjustable pressure monitor, according to the actual need to set the appropriate pressure value, and thus the combustion equipment for security control.

The lower part of the LGW A4P equipped test button. Its working principle is detected by the pressure acting on the membrane switch to close or open.

The following applies to 500 mbar pressure.

It applies to 1,2,3-based gas and other non-corrosive gases.

Adjustable range were 0.4 … 3mbar, 1 … 10mbar, 2.5 … 50mbar, 30 … 150mbar,

LGW A4 hose connection 4.6 mm.

LGW A4P centre housing below G1 / 4 threads for excessive pressure. With test button, and a negative pressure port and G1 / 8 internal thread.


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