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At TBS, we bridge the technological gap between Africa and Europe with detailed research and development, manufacturing affordable, quality and easy to maintain boilers that can withstand Africa’s environmental and climatic conditions. Our technologically advanced made in Nigeria boilers guarantee you a double life span better than the imported ones and come in different capacities and sizes.

TBS Boiler

Our steam boilers are vertical water tube furnace coil Boilers and can operate up to about 15 bar pressure, while our HP boilers can operate up to 100 bar pressure.

We build reliable hot water boilers to withstand the pressure of up to 6 bar, while our Thermic fluid boilers can go up to 350°c. At TBS, we equipped our steam boilers with an inbuilt economizer and water purifier membrane and stainless body.

For the first time in steam boiler technological, users have been given the choice to choose steam saturation whether dry or wet at a touch of a button.

TBS boiler refurbishment (before & After)

Tell us about your project, and we’ll be glad to help you take it to the next level.

No need of wasting scarce resources (forex) going through the stress of importing boilers from overseas. TBS Boilers are available here in Nigeria at an affordable price, reliable and durable.