Manufacturing of Furnace Coil

We manufacture high Efficient furnace coils

With over 15 years of engineering and manufacturing excellence, we are committed to swift and superior customer service to meet your precise coil manufacturing requirements.

TBS is the best source for a great furnace coil whenever you need the best solution and longest-lasting coils and coatings. With over 15 years of engineering and manufacturing excellence, we are committed to offering industry-leading durable and reliable furnace coils that withstand the most challenging environments with years of steady operation. From High Pressure (HP) Furnace Coil to Thermopace Oil Boiler Coil, Steam Boiler Furnace Coil, Heat Exchanger Coils and other coils related materials.

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TBS Steam Dryer

Tell us about your project, and we’ll be glad to help you take it to the next level.

No need of wasting scarce resources (forex) going through the stress of importing boilers from overseas. TBS Boilers are available here in Nigeria at an affordable price, reliable and durable.