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TBS is one of the best boiler engineers in Nigeria, delivering high-quality boiler solutions. We are an engineering company providing exceptional services that helps business enterprises save money and boost their bottom lines. Our excellent solutions enable our customers to perform competitively and sustainably in the global markets.

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Recent Boiler Projects

New Completed Boiler For Lavasec Laundry Company, Lome, Togo.

We are super-excited to show you our newly completed boiler, installed and commissioned in Lome, Togo for Lavasec Laundry company. Proudly built in Nigeria.

Thermal Boiler Solutions Limited (TBS) builds reliable boilers using the latest technology to meet industrial requirements at low energy, low fuel consumption and lower maintenance cost.

The TBS Steam Boiler, with a total weight of approximately 800kg, consumes around 2.237kW of power while producing steam at a rate of 800Kg/hr. Its dimensions are 1.4 meters in base diameter and 2.5 meters in height. This boiler operates on a 3-fire pass water tube coil system, generating instant steam within a remarkable 3 minutes.

Equipped with an inbuilt steam dryer, economizer, and a heat transmission core, the TBS boiler can achieve a steam temperature as high as 250 degrees centigrade. It boasts full automation, allowing users to set the steam temperature and humidity as per their requirements with just the press of a button.

TBS Boilers, whether burner fired using AGO or Gas, offer a range of options, including steam boilers, thermic fluid boilers, hot water boilers, and electric boilers. These boilers are readily available in Nigeria, and you can make payments in naira.

Furthermore, all TBS Boilers come with a two-year warranty and one year of free service.

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Our customers are at the heart of our business. We get closer by building robust relationships with them. As a one-stop utility partner to both industrial and commercial sectors, our top boiler engineers in Nigeria are here to help our customers achieve better resource productivity and bottom lines while meeting their current and future needs.

Our Recent Projects

At TBS, we build boilers with quality, high-tech materials with high efficiency, low energy/fuel consumption, stainless body, low-cost maintenance, inbuilt water purifier membrane, inbuilt economizer, and no carbon emission.

Tell us about your project, and we’ll be glad to help you take it to the next level.

No need of wasting scarce resources (forex) going through the stress of importing boilers from overseas. We’ve got the best boiler Engineer in Nigeria building durable and reliable boilers, with high-quality high-tech materials at an affordable price. Talk to us today.